Sunday, October 21, 2012

Renegade Miata Points Event #9 / Death of a season champion

So... long story short for now cause its late. Fifth run into the last Renegade autox and the car died. The motor just shut down in the middle of the run. I got reports of a quick plume of smoke (blue) that stopped immediately. The car barely turned over (very slowly and labored) and didn't fire up. At this point it has been towed to my house but I haven't had a chance to take a look at anything. Not sure at what the deal is but could be anything from a spun bearing to a stripped timing belt to the ringlands. Time will tell but it wont be a fast process as I don't have the money aside for these kinds of repairs. I will keep everyone up to speed when I have updates.

The last running moments:

Sandi and I completed the following days NER Team Challenge in her STi.  We quickly changed over the tires and tuning unit from my car to hers so we could be at least be a little competitive.  Our team, "MOOAAR Wheel Drive", consisted of all four drivers in STi's.  This severely limited out chance at placing well but it was still fun.  Overall we placed pretty poorly but we did win 2nd place for team name and uniforms!  Got some fun prizes and at least we got to finish out the last event in a working car.

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