Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sterling Moss Runoff

Back on Oct 7th NER had the Moss Runoff event. Since I was in the Runoff I was not in my usual class. All the Moss competitors got put together in a class of their own. The event is scored based on putting down a fast time in the morning and then repeating that time for all three of the afternoon runs. I either didn't get that memo or my brain just doesn't comprehend trying NOT to go faster. All of my afternoon runs were faster than the previous time and thus faster than the time I set in the morning. That said, my morning time was good enough to be in the middle of the pack and even with my standard deviation being screwed up from me driving faster I ended up scoring smack dead in the middle, 13th of 26 drivers in the Moss! Not bad considering that I didn't do what I was supposed to. Overall raw times I came in at number 16 out of just over 100 drivers. The day was cool but the course was fast and rewarded those of us with higher horsepower.

Last two events of the season are coming up the following weekend. Double header begins with Renegade Miata's Point Event #9 on Saturday followed by SCCA NER's Team Challenge on Sunday. We have put together a team of STi's only and we will be spread out between STU (or BS), ASP, SM, and XP. This event utilizes class bumping for classes with less than 3 competitors (I think) so I fear that there wont be enough people in BS or ASP to maintain the classes which could really screw things up for us. See below for bumping order.
If CSP goes into ASP our ASP car is screwed but if ASP goes to SSP we might be OK since there is only one GTR that normally runs in SSP and he isn't very fast.
If we run the Limited in BS or STU we will get screwed if we get bumped to ASP or other classes get bumped to STU.
SM will be a shit-show regardless because of all the people that don't typically run in SM because of the regional "pro" class not being used for this event, they will end up dominating in SM for sure.
The only class we are probably OK with will be XP since there aren't many people that run it normally but there is a very fast EP car that sometimes runs and if XP moves up to a MOD class we may get destroyed there as well.
This is all the "fun" stuff to worry about for this non-points event. I am not worried because I just want to get out and drive for the last time of the year so I don't care how we place overall as long as I have fun and that is unavoidable unless it is pouring rain and cold.

HS→GS→DS→ES→CS→BS→AS→SS→Street Prepared class for car as appropriate

STF→STC→STS→STR→STX→STU→Street Prepared class for car as appropriate

FSP→DSP→CSP→ASP→SSP*→Street Modified class for car as appropriate

SMF→SM→SSM→XP or other Prepared class for car as appropriate

GP→DP→EP→XP→EM or DM class for car as appropriate



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