Friday, August 24, 2012

SCCA NER Points Event #8

This past Saturday was NER's 8th points event of 9. There was three of us in the class and I took 1st by just about 2 seconds against a BMW 135. The course was pretty fun, sans the "turn around box". I never got that part right. The rest of the course was very quick. So much so that I had some traction issues at some points. I am not sure how much of this was due to my driving style and how much was just not enough tire but it was fun. My winning time was 50.344 and I did get a 50.120 on my fifth run but that was with two cones. I am guessing right at the end too where it was a stupid mistake anyways.

Below is a video of my fastest run. I thank the starter for this run, Brian L., for his always cheery, fun personality. I think his antics getting me lined up at the start helped me from over thinking that run.

Thanks to Eddie Savage for taking the shots that he did in the afternoon. He didn't get as many as usual, since he wasn't there all day, but the ones he did get are as great as always!

Not really a fan of the blue hue behind the tail pipe...

The mandatory three wheelin' shot

Ed happened to get this nice shot of my car and my friend Marc's car. These are the class (and season) winning cars for ASP and BSP!

This event also secured the winning season points for me. There is still one more points event but I have already accumulated enough for it not to matter (sorry Josh). I wish it didn't play out this way for at least two reasons: 1) I would never want to see anyone go through any motor issues, let alone multiple issues with their Suby and 2) I would have rather earned it by having true competition and coming out on top. I know if things hadn't played out this way that I would have had to fight a lot harder to even stay in the running, let alone win. Josh is a great driver and his car set up is equally as good. Hopefully next year will bring trouble free racing for my friends/competitors (as well as me!) and we can truly battle it out for the entire season. Here's hoping for great things next year!

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