Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Renegade Miata Points Event #5

Once again, I have been over using my slicks by running them with two clubs and I am to a point already that I feel I need to preserve them for SCCA events. This means that I will be using my tired old Star Specs for the Renegade events... starting with yesterdays event. I never like the switch back to street tires and I always have a tough time remembering that I am running them while I am on course. Overall the day went well though. The course was good and required a lot more self control than the last Renegade event. There were many spots that you had to give up a lot of speed or else you get late and ruin your lines. I had a competitor in an EVO MR there on the same tires so we were able to compare runs (though he doesn't often AutoX in that car, usually an MR2). Initially he was behind by 3 seconds but he was able to put down one run in the 114's, where I was all day. My two best runs (videos below) were 114.1xx and 114.5xx. I was rather disappointed with these times as I should have been in the 112's but considering the tires I'd have probably been able to do that with my slicks. I switched the camera to the passenger side half way through the day to get an idea of my positioning on that side as well. Once again I am very pleased with the footage.

Fastest run in AM (and of the day)

Fastest afternoon run

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