Sunday, July 8, 2012

SCCA NER Points Event #6

1st place in a field of 5 for ASP! This was another very fun course. There was only one spot that couldn't be blasted through. There was several parts, though, that didn't look like you could carry as much speed through the elements but in reality it was all very fast but that one spot. From what I heard it caused a lot of people trouble and I think that it accounted for at least a part of the 2 second lead that I had by the end of the day. The last several elements were nearly flat out in third in my car. I really wish Josh's car wasn't out of commission at the moment because I would have loved to have seen how he did on this course and how we would have stacked up against each other.

Full results can be seen here.

Even when my car is dirty Ed Savage can take photos that make it look freshly washed.

Lookin ahead... FTW!

Who needs to be on all 4? 3 wheelin, like a boss.

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