Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wheel bearing fixed

A quick update of the recent goings ons. I was told during tech at a recent event that my LR wheel bearing was going. I got through tech buy cranking down on the axle nut a bit. Shortly after that we had a two week stint with no events so I took that time to get the job done. It was supposed to only take me a weekend but ended up taking the better part of a week due to some issues with the dealership. I am not going to repeat it all but if you want to know the story you can read it HERE.

The end result was that I got the bearing installed with a new hub along with a set of ARP wheel studs. This morning I brought it to get re aligned, this time with more front camber, ~-2.5. One interesting thing was that at my last alignment we couldn't get more than -1.9 in the rear and this time on the side with the new bearing it was already -2.3 and they had to bring it back a bit. I would expect that a worn bearing would alter the camber a bit but I didn't think it would move that much and also limit the negative camber, although I suppose with any play in there the weight is going to try and flatten out the wheel/tire so I guess it does make sense... never really put any thought into it before.

I expect to have to also do my RR bearing soon, since my mileage is so high. This may be a sign of it being worn (the limited negative camber) so I will plan to do that in the relatively near future and maybe I will get some more camber out of that side as well.

Anyways, I am happy to have the car back on the road and look forward to my left leg getting used to the heavy clutch pedal again. I will also get to try out the new alignment next Sunday at an autocross at NHMS with NER.

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