Saturday, June 16, 2012

SCCA NE National Tour Day 1

Today was the first of the two day SCCA SOLO NE National Tour. Each day of this event counts as a regular points event for the NER points season. This makes things more difficult since we only get 3 runs per day so we are getting half as many runs as usual. After the first runs I was sitting solidly in second place (of six) in the class as most of the other drivers had coned away the run. After the second runs I had been bumped to third and then down to fifth by the end. My first run was my best as I was pushing to hard trying to find more time and I kept making stupid mistakes (braking far to late mostly). The course was very fast with a few pinched areas that really interrupted the flow and speed. These were the areas I had issues with. Overall I ended up where I expected that I would. It is nice to see how I compare to nationally competitive drivers/cars. I was only about 1.5-2 seconds off pace. This is a lot but considering the competition I think I did pretty well. First place went to an 06 STi on 285 Hoosiers and E85, second to an Evo X MR on 315 Ho-Hos, third was the co-driver of the 06 STi, fourth to my usual competitor (Josh) in his 07 STi on 275 A6's. I am still running the tiny 245 V710s. The guy I beat was running an FD RX7 on Hoosiers but he was rather rusty at autox. I have to step my game up for tomorrow! Some pics and the video of my first run are below.

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