Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Renegade Miata Points Event #2, Wicked Big Meet

This past Saturday I went to the second points event for Renegade Miata. The weather was perfect! Since my last autox I had installed all the parts listed above most pertinent are the stock rear sway bar, rear camber plates and new alignment. One of my front camber bolts had slipped and removed most of the camber I had set up front. I had also decided to run much less camber up front and thus less toe out. With all that squared away the car handled very differently. Turn in was still sharp but on my first run I very quickly found that I needed to start turning in much later. Before the car was oversteering a ton so I had gotten used to turning in very early giving the car time to step out and align with the apex. This is no longer the case as the car just turns. My first run I hit 4-5 cones due to just being way to early. Once I had that sorted in my head I was able to clean up and get some better runs in. With this alignment the car is much more sane to drive. I am sure it is a bit faster now but it is also just a tad less fun!  The results aren't posted yet so I don't know exactly how I did but overall I think I was running some pretty quick times. The video below is of my last run and fastest RAW time (picked up a cone at the beginning) of 112.84X.

Renegade Miata also had an event on Sunday but I already had my Wicked Big Meet tickets before they announced the added autox date. WBM was a lot of fun, even though my car stayed home as we chose to take Sandi's STi for the road trip simply because it is more comfortable to ride in. Sadly we didn't win any raffles but I did get a sweet hat and lots of swag. Oh, and a nasty sun burn!

Also of note: Since I installed the AOS I had driven nearly 1k before the autox and it had collected no oil. I checked it after the weekends autox and there was a decent amount in the canister that vents the valve covers. (see below) I am told this is very common under conditions like autoxing. The second canister had so little in it it would barely drip into the cup. This is why I had been getting some oil in the IC prior to adding the AOS. Now I just need to find where the rest of my oil is going. I will be slowly increasing the weight of the oil to see if that helps but I have a fair amount to go through before getting something thicker. I still don't feel that I have any major issues as I don't get any smoke so perhaps it is just the high mileage and abuse that the car has endured. I am anxious to try out some different oils to see if anything changes.

Showing the oil level in the cup. Only about a half inch deep.

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