Friday, May 4, 2012

New toys for the car

Last night I got a couple of my new toys installed. I kinda rushed around to get them onto the car before this weekends double header of autox's.

First up, my battery has been less than reliable recently so I've now got an Odyssey PC680 in place saving me about 16.5lbs. I also picked up a trickle charger to ensure it will start for me all the time. I need to get a better mounting solution but for now this cheap Autozone setup will do.

Next up, the Grimmspeed master cylinder brace. My car doesn't have much to be desired as far as brakes go but since I recently learned that my braking zones are one of my issues slowing me down on course, I figure every little bit of confidence I can get out of the brakes will help.

This weekend I have events on both days so I can't do any installs then. The rest of the parts that have come in I am hoping to get on the car over the next couple weekends since there aren't any events. Ultimately my goal is to get everything in and set before the National Tour in mid June.

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