Sunday, April 22, 2012

NER Points Event #2 NHMS 4-21-12

NER's second points event was held this weekend (4-21-12) at NHMS.  This location is much smaller than our usual location and thus is shorter as well as a very different type of course offering different challenges.  The lot has several large bumps and a rather steep slopped side. We got 8 runs in total since the course is so short and the attendance at this location is lower.

This being the first time at this location on the new suspension we had the extra challenge of trying to sort out settings for the uniqueness of the course.  The morning runs were a learning experience.  The shock settings I had used for the other location were far to stiff for the bumps here.  After each run that Sandi and I took I softened up the suspension.  By the end of the morning we had the front and rear set to full soft! To me the car still felt very choppy over the bumps so in a last ditch effort to try to smooth things out, at lunch, we disconnected the rear sway bar.

Without the rear sway bar attached he car had an easier time staying planted.  This in conjunction with a slight change in the finish of the course (as I heard; to move the driving line out of a little oil as well as the large part of the bump) made for faster afternoon runs.  My first run of the afternoon turned out to be my fastest clean run for the day.  I had one run that was 7 hundredths of a second faster but at the expense of the cone I picked up.  After that, for the last two runs, I was pushing to hard and couldn't get a better time in.

Thankfully, I didn't have to get a better time as the 28.672 that I got on my fifth run was enough for me to take the lead and hold on to it until the end.  Big props go out to Josh, who began to push so hard through the course he ended up ripping out a front fender liner going over one of the big bumps!  This is my first win that I actually earned and I am very excited about it.

**Results can be found here.**

Photos will be posted when available.

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