Friday, April 13, 2012

Restoring the Limited to some of her former glory

I don't know what previous owner or which dealership that had its hands in this car before us but there were/are several things that we didn't like as far as looks and functionality.

For starters they had put in some generic floor mats that didn't fit the foot-wells or even stay in place for that matter.  I ordered up this set of black STi floor mats and they not only look great but they fit and stay put as well.

The next major issue was the older WRX radio that had been put in place of an aftermarket unit that had been removed.  One major issue with this was that the AUX port wasn't connected, as the head unit didn't have the wiring for it.  The second problem that we came to find, once we had the radio out, was that the mounting brackets were not the correct ones (possibly ones for the aftermarket radio?) and someone had only put 2 of 6 screws in and used cardboard to position the radio "correctly".  We had recently purchased a radio out of another 07 STi to put in and once we had it apart and found the other issues I ordered a pair of the correct brackets for the radio.  These were in stock at the local dealership and cost just over $8 so it wasn't something to cheap out on (that goes for you, people who have previously worked on this car!).  With the new brackets and proper radio everything works, fits perfectly, and looks great.

 The next thing to decide is if we will put the V-Limited front lip back on.  They look great but makes for tougher street driving/parking...

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