Friday, April 13, 2012

NER Autox 4-7-12 Devens

I had a great event last Saturday. The start of the day was a bit off, as it took me some time to learn how to drive again (still don't have it sorted out completely). I made a lot of changes over the winter and the car drives very different now. The car is on fresh rubbers, coil-overs, steering rack bushings and rear strut bar. My first several runs were a complete waste, I was all over the place. Thankfully there were lots of timing issues and I ended up with re-runs for all of my runs (including a re-run of a re-run). With over 150 drivers and the timing issues we were only going to get five runs but with all my re-runs I ended up getting nine runs worth of seat time! The cool temps of the day didn't help things with my new slicks. I also hadn't had any time to sort out my shock settings so I just took a guess. My first run in the afternoon ended up being my best time at 52.691. This was only good enough for 2nd for the day but not a bad start.

Results can be found here.

This is a video of my best run:

Here is a couple cool shots from the day:

Spitting out the cone after killing it:

This cones life will be spared...for now:

More tire pressure next time!

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