Friday, March 23, 2012

Steering Rack bushing kit and Rear Strut bar

Whiteline steering rack bushing kit is installed. The install was actually rather easy even though I've read/heard that it is a pain. The only hang up I had was I broke a sway bar mount bolt (trying to get some clearance around the bar). Repairing the broken bolt took more time than installing the kit itself.

My Whiteline rear strut bar got delivered this afternoon. I took it straight out to the car to install it. I had a little trouble getting the plate on the passenger side on. I quickly found that the studs on the coilovers are longer than the factory ones and they were preventing the plate from seating correctly. I got out the jack and lifted that side until the studs were nearly flush, positioned the plate and then lowered the car. Voila! Put everything back in and went to the other side. I had much less trouble here as there is less wiring etc in the way. Finished everything up but have yet to go for a drive to see if it helps with the creaking. I hope it does.

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