Friday, March 23, 2012


Alignment was today. There were some issues with getting setup but overall I am happy with what we ended up with, at least for a start on this suspension. We were unable to get as much as I expected/had hoped in the rear and they actually couldn't get rid of the .2 degree difference between sides. It looks like I might be adding rear camber plates to my list of things to buy. My driver side tie rod was very stuck and they had trouble zeroing out the toe on that side. The end solution for today was to use the camber adjustment to get the toe better. This is why we ended up with slightly more negative camber on that side. I would rather this than shredding my tires because of the toe for my street setting. These settings are with the camber plates centered (excluding the little adjustment just mentioned).

We also had them check the settings with the plates maxed out (for autox use). This produced -4 degrees camber up front. Unfortunately this also produced .8 degrees of toe out, which is a bit much. At this point I am thinking that I might aim for -3 degrees camber for autox which ought to put me at about 1/2 degree of toe out.

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