Friday, March 23, 2012

Coilovers Installed

Finally put my coilovers in today. A big thanks go out to Josh and my dad for all the advice and help, it would have taken me so much longer without them. Overall the job was rather easy to do. I was very happy and surprised with how easy everything came out. The rear took a little longer to do as we had the height adjustment WAY to high to start with. It made me think back to my lifted truck days! After killing my arms turning the shocks to get it back down 2.25" to get to the desired height we made sure to have the front closer to what we wanted when they went in. Those only needed to be dropped about a half inch to get it dialed in. After getting everything set we fitted the car with the new Kumho slicks to make sure everything fit well. After Josh and I went for a test drive the only point we had to check was a strange noise coming from the front right while turning the wheel. I still have yet to determine for sure if it is the tire rubbing on the fender liner or simply the new pillow ball bearings just being tight and fresh.

Once the test drive was done and we were satisfied I tightened everything up one last time. I put the snows back in the house and mounted up my Kumho AST's since I doubt we will see any more cold weather. All of these tires were low on pressure from sitting in the basement all winter so we took the car out for a drive, filled up at the local station with free air (quicker than using my little pump), went for a quick drive and picked up some sushi. The car feels great now. I love the way it feels, nice and firm. The dampening was set to full stiff from the factory and I left it that way for the time being. I was actually surprised that it wasn't uncomfortable on this setting but I didn't drive it far so I am sure I will be bringing that down for street driving shortly. The car is at a very nice height and I even checked to make sure the front lip clears some typical speed bumps straight on. I am sure I will be hitting it other places, especially since I had hit it plenty of times on the stock suspension.

So far I am very please with the design and feel of these Fortune Auto coilovers. I have an appointment on Thursday to get the alignment taken care of. We will be aiming for around -1.75 in the rear (by way of the Whiteline camber bolts) and maybe slightly more in the front for the street and then I will be able to knock in the front camber plates for the autox events. Zero toe all around for the street setting. It looks like the camber plates have some positive caster built in so when they are knocked in I should see some better numbers there and maybe some toe out up front.

Check back for more info as well as more thoughts and some pics as I learn more about my new setup.

*EDIT*: I forgot to thank Madman for his writeup. Being able to read what someone else had to deal with while installing these was also rather helpful when preparing/installing. Good work man!

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