Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY gauge bezel and power/aux port relo

So I finally got sick of all the wires (iPod, cell phone and GPS) cluttering up my center console and decided to move the power port and Aux input to the console between the seats like the newer Subarus. I am also waiting for my AutoMeter glove box gauge pod and some more gauges so I  wanted to make space for those. I had seen the Subtle Solutions 2-gauge bezel that replaces the two items I wanted to move but I choose to attempt to make my own.

I ended up only having to make it twice to get the everything just right. I started with a cardboard template to make sure I could accomplish what I wanted. From there I made one plate that didn't have the mounting tabs on the sides and it also didn't quite fill all the gaps in the corners. The second version I made included the tabs and had the extra material to fold up and cover the corners. After several test fits I was happy with the piece so I took it outside and gave it a couple good coats of Rustoleum. Please excuse the bad cell phone pics...

As for moving the ports to the center console, that part was easy.  I simply extended the power outlet wires and found a place right next to the parking brake that had enough space for the whole assembly to fit. To keep the Aux port simple I simply tucked the original port housing in underneath the HVAC controls and left the cord plugged in and ran it back to a hole drilled in the console. It has just enough slack to be pulled out to use.

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