Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NER Autocross "Team Challenge" 10-22-11

I has a blast at the NER "Team Challenge" event.  At this non points event we are grouped into teams and the winners for the day are based on team scores. Since it was not for points and I had become sick of driving on my crappy tires I decided to ask for a car to drive. Marc, my friend/competitor in BSP lent me his Miata to drive for the day.  A big thanks goes out to him for convincing me to go to the event as well as providing me with the car to do it in. This allowed me a fun experience as well as a better PAX for the day. I was teamed up with Marc (the Miatas owner) in his RX8, Patrick in his BMW and Bryan who was driving a K-swapped CRX. None of us placed better than second in our respective classes but it was fun overall. I was pleased with how well I did in a car that I have never raced before and it took a while to get used to. Thankfully there were not many competitors and the course was short so we had 8 runs. I ended up placing second in STS. Had this been a normal event the class leader would have been in the PRO class (it was eliminated for this event) and I would have taken the class. Maybe I should sell the STI and get a Miata........ Not really though, I couldn't live with that lack of power! Below are the scores and a few videos from the first half of the day. Unfortunately we stopped using the camera and I didn't get video of my better runs. It was an interesting day all around, a different kind of event, a different car, and a course that actually changed twice for safety reasons (one can be seen in the video with all the speedy dry on the side of the course). There were no less than 3 cars that "popped" on the course. Two had radiator issues and the third had a power steering failure that made a ton of smoke! Because of the course changes in the AM only our last 4 runs counted for the day but that was fine because my last run was my best anyways!

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