Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The heavy dusting of snow last night was enough motivation to get the car ready for winter and get the Star Specs off. Usually I wait a little longer but we are supposed to get several more inches tomorrow night! I dug out my snows from the basement and got to switching them over. I took the opportunity to pull my brake pads and grease the ever living crap out of them. They have been screaming lately and were unbearable! After a quck ride I was happy to hear that they are back to the "normal" squeaks from the HP+'s. I also "cleaned" my calipers and remembered that they are in fact gold.  I am also sad to see/remember what the car looks like without any added offset (my snows are on the stock wheels).

In the process of changing wheels I saw this:

This is the left rear strut and it is clearly leaking a bit. I wonder how long it has been in this condition for? This was also probably one of the reasons the car was so squirrelly at the last couple autocrosses. Good thing I have new suspension coming in a few weeks! I can't wait to see what the car feels like with not only properly functioning suspension, but also greatly improved/stiffened bits as well.

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  1. Wow that's definitely leaky! Good thing you caught that. Looking forward for when your coilovers arrive. :)