Friday, September 16, 2011

Renegade Miata Autocross 8/20/2011 Points Event #4

Well, I had an interesting day of autocrossing. The car decided to show a lot of its "personality" this time. The day was beautiful, the course was fun, fast and challenging at some spots. Since this was not an SCCA event I was running my street tires. That was nice in the morning since I didn't have to really prep the car but it made the driving more challenging. It is tough sometimes to remember that you don't have as much grip and I ended up with a lot of under steer in many places. The results aren't posted yet but I know I was running very respectable sec runs. I was having trouble picking up any time (without picking up cones at the same time) so I took an instructor with me for my last official run to make sure my lines were ok. Incidentally, that was my fastest run. I am not sure if it was the counter weight keeping the car more stable or just coincidence but the feedback I got from the instructor after the run was that my lines were good and that I was probably over-driving the tires at the tight corners (no surprises there).

The "personality" that the car was showing was in the form of a strange "stumble" (tuning issue I am guessing) that I posted about here, so I wont get into it in this post as well. As well as one run (during fun runs with a passenger in the car) that I had a bad launch and slipped the clutch A LOT and immediately had the ABS light come on and the DCCD went to the full rear setting. With trying to drive the course it took me a bit to realize what had happened (loosing ABS completely) but here is a video of what happens when you learn to rely on ABS!

After shutting the car off for a few minutes I did my final fun run without any issue or lights coming on. I will be checking the sensors before the next event.

Problems aside I had a great day of autocrossing! Here is a video of the fastest run from the day (including the "stumble" after shifting to 2nd):

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