Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NER Autocross 06/12/2011 Devens

So I learned a few things at this autox...

1) Never run with anything less than 1/4 tank of gas (especially with a co-driver). My first two runs I experience some fuel starvation at the same spot. At the end of my girlfriends third run we spun and the car had some trouble starting. Borrowed some gas for my third run and problem solved.

2) Fully prepped BSP Mazda RX8s are around 500lbs lighter than an STi!

3) I need new tires and suspension (well, actually, I already knew this one).

Although I didn't have a great day (time wise, I always have fun) I was very impressed with my girlfriend. This was her first autox ever and I just taught her to drive standard so she barely has any experience in the car or with shifting. Most importantly she improved greatly throughout the day and even ended up beating at least 9 other drivers in raw time. Not a single off course and only a handful of cones (mostly due to the spin).

The "grassy knoll shot":

One of Sandi:

And this video just to embarrass her:

(in all actuality it was her instructor's fault, I wont mention who that was...)

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