Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Renegade Miata Autocross 05/28/2011 Points event #1

I made it out to the first points event with the Renegade Miata club (Yes, I run my Subie in a Miata club!). This club doesn't do much classing (especially for the non-Miatas) so until the results get posted I'm not sure exactly how I did but I was able to compare against the RX8 I normally compete against in SCCA. I know his best time was in 1:16.xxx and the best I could pull out was 1:19.xxx. This club has much longer courses than the SCCA and we get more runs so it is a lot of seat time (and its cheaper). The car felt really good but since I haven't changed anything I feel that the course was setup in a configuration that I was very comfortable pushing hard on. I really felt like I was driving at the cars limit with its current setup. What further solidified this idea was that one of my competitors took my car for a "fun run" at the end of the day he didn't beat my time. This may not mean much for most but every other time he has done this he has been able to out drive me in one run (he had never autox'ed in an AWD car before mine)! He is also VERY fast in his Miata or whatever other car he hops into.

For this event I kept my sway bars and hot tire pressure settings the same as my last event. I went through several gallons of water trying to keep the tires cool between runs (140+ degrees after a run down to <100). I have also come to terms with the fact that my Kumhos are about dead. Once of them has started to loose small chunks of the outer layer. Now not only am I saving for a new suspension but also for some new tires.

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