Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Renegade Miata Autocross 06/19/2011 Points event 2

Lesson of the day? Don't run with All seasons (225/45 Kumho Ecsta AST); they are no good for AutoX!

In an effort to preserve the last bit of my V710's for the SCCA events I decided to just run on my DD tires. What a terrible idea! Not only was there a shockingly low amount of grip but the noise of the tires screaming the entire way around the course was obnoxious!

The best two times for the day averaged came out to be 83.669 over 3 seconds behind the BSP RX8 of Marc Monnar. As usual, I take this with a grain of salt since his car is fully prepped and he was running a his 255 Street Touring tires.

I started taking video of my runs using my Ipod. It actually takes decent videos and sound but it also picks up a lot of electrical noise so it is kind of obnoxious to listen to. I have cut the sound completely out. It takes away from the overall feeling of the video but still allows me to review my runs and lines afterwards and that's all I care about.

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