Monday, February 11, 2013

STi is back on the road

Last week I got the car back from the shop.  The list of parts that went into this build (besides what I already had) are as follows:

New OEM Parts:
-2012 Short Block
-Oil Cooler
-Gasket kit
-11mm Oil pump
-Exhaust Cam Gears
-VF43 Turbo
-Rebuilt heads
-Whatever other little bits I have forgotten about
Now for the good stuff:
-Wiseco Pistons 99.5
-Gates Timing Belt kit w/pump
-NGK I IX Spark Plugs 1 Step Colder
-MAW TGV Deletes
-SS Braided Turbo/AVCS Oil lines
-ARP Head Studs
-KillerB oil pickup/tray
-DW Injectors 850cc
-GrimmSpeed EBCS
-K&N Typhoon Intake
-Tomei EL Header/Up pipe kit
-Torque Solutions Motor Mounts
-Greddy Magnetic Drain Plug
-BrenTuning Pro-Tune to follow after break-in.

Motive Auto Works in Woburn, MA did an awesome job assembling and installing the motor.  I have gone back twice now for 50 and 100 mile check ups to make sure everything was working and nothing was leaking.  So far so good.  No fuel coolant or oil leaks, besides a little oil seeping from a slightly loose drain plug.  Once I reach 500 miles the car will be getting tuned at BrenTuning.

I do, however, have a few loose ends to tie up such as reconnecting my oil filter adapter and my oil gauges, and re-installing a few engine bay trim pieces and heat shields.  Also on the agenda before the season starts is re-installing the front lip, getting the fender flares installed, getting an alignment and probably a few more things I'm forgetting right now.

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