Sunday, December 23, 2012

OBP STi Motor update

I've been waiting to gather a bunch of info on the dead motor before I posted so it can all be in one place.  The old motor has been pulled and torn down and the new build is underway.  The old motor has been found to have several issues.  First I was shown that the heads had some scoring on the camshaft journals.

The heads got pulled and shipped out to a machine shop for repair.  Once they were off we were able to take a look at the pistons and found that #4 had blown out as well.  It is possible that some of the piston material made it into the oil passages and out to the heads causing the other damages.  It is also possible that I spun a bearing and that material caused the damage, which makes sense based on how the car died.





As mentioned above the heads are out for repair, a new short block is assembled with forged pistons and all the needed supporting parts are being ordered along with some extra goodies.

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