Saturday, June 30, 2012

Renegade Miata Points Event #4

What a great event! This had to have been one of my favorite autox courses I have ever done. The layout was technical enough to keep you on your toes but still had a great flow and was tons of fun to drive. It was quick but not in a way that required lots of 3rd gear like many fast courses at Devens. A video of my fastest run (112.722) is below. This run was good enough for 3rd fastest clean RAW time! This club, however, scores by your 2 fastest runs and then PAXed. This of course hurt my standings a bit since a) I couldn't reproduce that same time, my next best run was in the low 113's and b) because ASP PAX sucks. I ended up 8th out of the Non-Mazda group. Full results can be found here. I did find out that I have a wheel bearing that is staring to go in the rear so I am going to need to take care of that very soon.

Oh yeah... I switched to a new camera angle to get an idea of how close I am getting to the cones. I am pretty pleased at my positioning overall.

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