Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting some things done...

Today I installed a set of Perrin's rear differential bushings. I didn't have much trouble at all getting the studs out of the diff as many do. I expect it is just because the car is older now and there was plenty of rust on the studs. The car definitely feels better now and is easier to drive. I wish I had done this before or just after the HD clutch as it makes everything much smoother. I can definite hear a lot more noise from the diff, especially at certain RPM's and while engine braking, but nothing I can't live with. Once I was all finished with that I changed the fluid in the rear diff as well.

While the back of the car was in the air I decided to put my stock rear sway bar on again. This is something I have been thinking a lot about after the last couple of autox's. The car is definitely more planted and quicker with a bar, but I think the Whiteline bar (even on the soft setting) is to much for the suspension and was possibly part of the cause of the over-steer. I will find out in a couple weeks.

The last thing I did today as well was to re-grease all my brake pads as they were starting to make a ton of noise again.

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