Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NER Autocross 09/18/11 Devens

I had a great day of autox'ing at Devens this past Sunday. Placed 4th of 8 in the class (see below). The car is running great and I was happily surprised that the clutch is holding well. I have been worried about it going because the pedal has been changing as far as where it actuates. The launch in my fastest clean run is proof positive that it is still holding!

The course was very fast (excluding the first portion) and the last few elements I did in third gear crossing the finish lights at 75-80mph. I had some trouble getting/keeping heat in my tired old tires because it was only in the low 60's all day but they did ok.

My fastest clean run:

My fastest raw time (only 2/10's quicker):

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