Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ner Autocross 08/07/2011 NHMS

Back to NHMS for the 5th NER points events. This location is not my favorite with the lot being so small the courses are not as forgiving. In the morning the course was still very wet from the previous nights rain. I was the only one in the class to stay on street tires and I think it paid off for the first run at least because I had the fastest run out of our first attempts. Shortly there after the course began to dry up. I used the lunch break to change over to my Rcomps but giving the condition of those tires I only had minimal improvements. I know that I was off on my entry position coming into the second corner and the last. Had I swung a bit wider in these two places I am sure I could have at least moved up one position. As usual I can't complain about being only 1.2 seconds off of first place with the setup I have (although 1.2sec on such a small course is quite a bit). My final run ended up being a bit slow due to a big four wheel drift through the first left hander. unfortunately my cameras batteries had died so I didn't get that run on video, it would have made for an entertaining clip. Below are the results and the video of my fastest run of the day.

The new downpipe sounds awesome! Can't wait till next weekend at Devens where I can really stretch out the stage 2 legs!

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