Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My sway bar story so far:

I stared off my autox experience in B Stock, and the rules there don't allow much but front sway bars are unlimited. I was recommended to the large Strano bar but decided but decided it wasn't worth the hassle of the hard to fit part as well as the worry of breaking off the mounts. I ended up ordering the Whiteline 27mm bar with endlinks. The install was straight forward and the effect was felt immediately.

Once switching out of the stock class (because of SS brake lines!) I decided to add a bigger rear bar as well, since I was running stock suspension still. I opted to stick with Whiteline and went with the 24mm adjustable bar. The feel of the car was once again improved however that's when I started lifting the rear tire. Not just on the track but also anywhere on the road that I am turning and going up even a slight incline at the same time.

*I put the rear bar on the "full soft" setting but I am still having the issue. This week I will be adjusting the front bar to the softer setting before the next autox this Sat to see if it helps. I have a feeling that it will still be over powering the stock suspension and I am probably SOL until I get some coilovers or put my stock rear bar back on...

*I ran the local autox this past Sat (4/23/11See post #12) with the sways bar set to soft. The car felt good but it was a very wet event so I couldn't get enough grip to get a good impression on the changes, maybe next weekend. On the road there has been a decent improvement but I still get some lift on inclined corners.

*Update*After running the most recent autox (5/1/11 See post #15) with both sway bars set to full soft I am still having lifting issues but it has improved some. I am currently adjusting the lines I take to help improve this as well.

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