Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NER Autocross 04/10/2011 Devens

Below is an example of how the 1st autox of this season went! Luckily this was a non-points event! But really this was my first run of the season on cold tires, guess I tried a little to hard.  Had a great time as usual. Somehow I managed 3rd out of 6 in BSP. The class consisted of 3 other drivers in STi's a Corvette ZR1 and an RX8. I lost out to one driver in an STi and the vette. As for the others: Acejam's STi was not prepared (no coilovers on yet since winter, and no slicks) the RX8 was also unprepared for the season and the last STi driver was not the owner of his car. (correction: apparently the last STi's driver, drewski, is newer to autox)

(On a positive not, I managed to keep from DNF'ing this run!)

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