Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tuning Day

I finished up my initial break-in miles just as planned with no problems so I scheduled a tune date on February 23rd.  After a bit of a drive we arrived at BrenTuning's facility in Auburn Ma.  It is a small shop that he rents space out to do his dyno tuning.  Bren is a great guy and makes you feel very comfortable.  He is also a superb Subaru (among other manufacturers) tuner.

After several pulls on the dyno and a few miles of road tuning we were done.  The results netted 344 WHP and 400 WTQ.  All of the torque is available at about 3100 RPM, a benefit of staying with the stock turbo. This will be excellent for autocross.  I believe that my car is also the 2nd most powerful STi on a stock turbo that he has ever tuned! And only by 9 HP and 5 TQ.  Not to shabby!  Below is my graph as well as a couple videos. Enjoy!

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