Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walbro 255 Fuel Pump

While trying to sort out the fuel issues I was having I installed a new fuel pump. I thought I would take this opportunity to write a quick review based on my initial thoughts. I decided to go with the Walbro 255 mostly because of the price (Import Image Racing) but also because it is very popular in the Subaru community. I have heard about failures with these but the next option is much more expensive. The install was fairly straight forward but I have been into the fuel tank and pulled apart the pump assembly before to replace the fuel filter. The only issue I can mention is something that I have read before. The wiring harness that the pump comes with is barely long enough to reach the connectors, almost so much so that I was worried about it functioning. I have read that other people splice in some extra wire to relieve the strain. I did not do this and so far haven't had any issues. So far I have done a lot of street driving and several autocrosses and I am happy with the performance. I am not worried at all about the pump not keeping up with the demands of the car. The only other "negative" that I can think of is that the pump is a bit louder than the OEM one. I can hear it running even through the rear seat. Noise is one of the common trade-offs in modifying cars so I am perfectly fine with it, besides, hearing it allows me to know that it is working and it will be clear if it ever starts to fail.

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