Friday, July 22, 2011

NER Autocross 07/17/11 Devens

Had a great time at this past weekends autocross! Came in dead last in BSP again, but I was on my "new" used 245/40 Dunlop Star Specs that I picked up to get me by until I have some new Rcomps. I also got to try out the also "new" used wheels. I have no idea what they are (I got them for free) but I recently painted them black (originally silver) and had the Star Specs mounted. I love the look of the extra offset that these wheels have (the fronts also needed spacers to clear the Brembos). Thankfully being at stock height I did not rub at all with all this new found offset. My girlfriend participated in this event (her 2nd one) and co-drove the STi. She did very well and I think she learned a lot from taking the Autocross School that NER held the day before.

The event was appropriately named "cone-a-thon" as many people (myself included) had numerous cone penalties. I only had one clean run and naturally it was my best time. I had one slightly faster in raw time but the cone ruined it. Below is the results, video from my best run and a couple pictures:

Sandi in the Novice class:

My best run:

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