Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Past Exterior Modifications

Some pictures showing the painted headlights and tail light covers:

When painting the headlights I used the Fusion flat black. I opted to paint over the entire inner housing because the passenger side had been damaged in a parking lot. In doing so they didn't break the lens but it broke a piece of the plastic inside that surrounds the headlight itself. I used epoxy to put it back together before painting. Once painted you can't even see that it was broken.

Also in this pic is the replica front lip. Certainly not as nice as the real ones but considering where it is located I'd rather not spend a ton just to ruin it (it has already bottomed out several times, even at stock height).

The tail light covers are Headlight Armor 30% tint. As you can see in the picture they are very dark when in the shade. With sun light on them the bottom half becomes more transparent and has a kind of brownish tint to it. I am sure the 50% tint version looks even better but I wanted to avoid legal/inspection issues. Overall I am very happy with the look, I was never a fan of all the chrome that came on these cars (Hence the dark theme).

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